The Wara Wara Hills are just in front of you. There are three main parts to visit and different paths to reach up, depending on your preferred pace. You can also take a stroll into Kabala town to explore the local market and daily life. Immediately next to Hill View are people that produce the original country cloth.

If you want to discover the sourroundings, Koinadugu District is known for its hilly and attractive landscape. Numerous villages around invite for fascinating walks and challenging hiking opportunities:


koromasilaya5 - KopieIMG_3691The village of Koromasilaya is located about 12 km north of Kabala. You can easily reach there with your own transport or hire a motorbike taxi in Kabala. Starting in the village, the way up will take about 1,5 to 2 hours, depending on your pace.

If you need more adventure, go to the village of Senekedugu which is approximately half the way to Koromasilaya. The impressive rock is a modest walk behind the village and gives you a challenging (but not impossible) hike up to the top. From there, you have a marvellous view on the countryside. If the weather allows, you can even see the Loma Mountains afar.


10a-IMG_3785-14-Kopie.jpgyagala (1) - KopieYagala is a 5 km walk from the center of Kabala towards the west on the road to Bafodia. If you are looking for a relaxing afternoon walk, this is the ideal option. In Yagala, you can take a rest and “refresh” yourself with a few cups of “poyo” (palm wine). From here, you can also proceed your journey and discover Yagala Hill not far from the village. Up there are the remains of an old settlement. You can still see the ruins of houses and pieces of old jars and pots. The place is said to be the location where the first indigieuos people in the area settled down.

Loma Mountains & Bintumani

bintumani_bbintumani3 - KopieClimbing Bintumani is for sure one of the highlights when travelling Sierra Leone. The highest peak in West Africa (after Mount Cameroon) with 1,945 metres lies in the Loma Mountains in the southeast of Kabala. The mountain range offers very extensive and attractive fauna and flora. It is possible to hike up to the peak and down again within one day, but certainly it is a much more worth to take time (minimum three days) in order to experience and appreciate the diverse facets this trip can offer.

There are two ways of reaching the mountains from Kabala. One going west through the town of Koinadugu, then south passing the river Rokel at the village of Momoria Badela before reaching Sinekoro where you can start the climb up. The other option takes you first south through Kondemabia and Yifin and from there to Konbaia, Kania or Sinekoro. For both options, you need to bring your own vehicle or arrange transport from Kabala to the place where you start climbing.